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Zaman Lawal Heritage Village

Zaman Lawal Heritage Village

"Zaman Lawal” is an Emirati expression that translates literary to “old times.”
This village is a time capsule that transports guests into a truly authentic Emirati experience.

Some of the main features of Zaman Lawal Heritage Village:

The fun-filled village has much to offer: The Souk, The House of Pearls, House of Good Fortune, and many other heritage activities that showcase the unique culture of the United Arab Emirates.

The village is a realistic exhibition of Bedouin life in the desert and near the sea, presenting many elements of the past lifestyle such as traditional tents, and the dhow that was used for pearl diving, traditional Arabic coffee– these attractions add an element of fun and entertainment to the village.

The village’s main attractions:

The Souk

The souk is a commercial and popular market where visitors can discover many aspects of daily tools used in the past, how these tools worked and amazing functions behind every piece.

House of good fortune

This where guests get the chance to learn about the dates production and its key role in the Emirati culture over the past decades before the discovery of oil. The exhibition is a real-life showcase of different lifestyle elements existed around producing dates in the old Emirate community, and the significant benefits palm trees had in store for the Bedouin life.

House of Pearls

Emiratis have always had a unique connection with the sea: it was their main source of income. Pearl diving was the main commercial activity for locals, but naturally this occupation has seen a decline following the discovery of oil and gas in the region. The sea remains, however, an inspiration for the Emirati people.

The Restaurant

Khattar restaurant serves the best Emirati receipts that have been passed down through generations.

Arabic Coffee preparations

Coffee is an iconic symbol of Arabic hospitality, especially in days gone by. Whilst our guests enjoy the best Arabic coffee and premium dates, our team will take you through the amazing journey of preparing Emirati coffee and its serving etiquettes.

Traditional games

Where our guests can enjoy a number of Emirati entertaining games

Hospitality majlis

This is where the local chief and elders host their guests, whether coming from the same region or elsewhere. The Majlis reflects the important social status of the Sheikhs.

The Majlis is uniquely spacious, welcoming and comfortable; the sealing is made of palm tree wood and leaf, giving an authentic Emirati atmosphere. Our guests will enjoy the warm Emirati hospitality with a round of aromatic Arabic coffee and delicious sweet dates and delicacies